Professional Entertainment With a Difference

Professional Entertainment With A Difference

Why not give your customers something completely different?

Professional Performance


As a professional magician and mentalist combines powerful mind reading and Interactive close up magic in a non intrusive manner which is most important for your guests. When you book Liam you can be assured of professional entertainment and your guests will experience something very special that will remain with them for a long time.

Few magicians are willing or able to offer this kind of professional entertainment because it’s quite risky for the performer to be able to predict and influence human behavior which requires special skills. A mentalism performance can take place either on stage or at guests’ tables. The effect on the audience is quite profound and they’ll be talking about it for days after the event.

Why not give your customers something completely different?

Absolutely ideal for cocktail parties, drinks / canapé or wedding reception, etc. Liam engages with small groups mesmerising them with the most powerful magic and psychological Mind tricks imaginable. Each group experiences their own intimate performance. A perfect start to your corporate event – breaking the ice and initiating conversation and atmosphere.

Booking Liam for you cooperate and private entertainment will give your guests an unique experience of something that most people have never seen close up.


Liam will transform any corporate event into a unique and Mind Blowing occasion for all present. Whether it’s a sales conference, drinks reception or formal dinner Liams performance is guaranteed to leave your client’s entertained, Smiling and impressed.





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