Michael Jackson's Approved Irish Magic Man

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Magician and Mentalist
Magician and Mentalist

From Cork to Hollywood, Entertainment on Tour

Catch the behind-the-scenes scoop on The Ryan Tubridy Show

Exclusive 9-minute clip . 22 October 2025

From mind-bending mentalism to captivating close-up magic, Liam shares his journey as a
professional entertainer, mesmerizing audiences worldwide. In this, Liam reminisces about his time
enchanting none other than Michael Jackson himself. Prepare to be spellbound as he unveils
anecdotes from his magical encounters with the King of Pop, shedding light on their unique bond
over the art of illusion.


Hayfield Manor

Liam is just a true professional and has brought his unique styles of non-intrusive magic to many of our customers' tables, leaving them just wanting more each time. We can only highly recommend him and will always look forward to his nights at our Hotel

Cinderellas Closet Anette

Our Tagline for Cinderella Closet is there’s magic inside and that was never more true last night. Thank you to the amazing magician Liam Sheehan for entertaining us all at our Grand Opening Last Night. There are people still talking about your amazing talent as well as your lovely with people. Astounding as always! No event or wedding should be without you. Thank You.

Corina Hinchy Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide

Liam Sheehan brought a touch of magic to our corporate event that left guests spellbound. His seamless blend of mentalism and close-up magic captivated everyone in the room. A true professional, Liam's performance elevated our event to new heights. Highly recommended for any corporate entertainment needs.

Ella O’Donoghue

Liam is a true inspiration when it comes to making people feel at ease and enjoying their leisure time. Performing his incredible magic and mindreading, he left everyone with a gasp and wanting more. We could not recommend this talented entertainer highly enough.

    Step into my world where the impossible becomes possible, where laughter mingles with awe, and where every moment is filled with wonder. Liam specializes in close-up magic, bringing his enchanting performances right to your fingertips, whether it's at corporate events, weddings, or private functions.

    About Liam Sheehan

    Liam Sheehan, acclaimed Magician and Mentalist, stands as one of the most sought-after entertainers in the country. With a string of awards under his belt, including the prestigious 2019 RSVP Magazine Wedding Entertainer of the Year, Liam has dazzled superstars like the legendary Michael Jackson, Conor McGregor, Walking on Cars, and countless others too numerous to list. He has performed in every top class venue in the country.

    Living in Cork Ireland He’s the top pick for major event organizers like ‘Weddings by Franc’  Kate Deegan at Dromoland Castle where he is a regular entertainer and has left a lasting impression on leaders from the world’s largest corporations. As the resident entertainer at the premier multi-million Hogs Head Golf Club in Waterville, Liam has wowed guests from top-level golf tours at prestigious venues like St Andrews in Scotland, drawing some of the most famous names in the sporting world.


    The Connection

    Liam’s magic that wowed Michael Jackson himself.

    A talented magician from Cork, Ireland, with a twinkle in his eye and a deck of cards in his hands. That’s me, Liam Sheehan, your go-to guy for enchantment and entertainment. Now, let me spill some secrets. Ever heard of Michael Jackson? Yeah, the King of Pop himself. Well, hold onto your hat because here’s the kicker: I’ve actually shared my magic and stayed  with him for a bit. Crazy, right?

    So, rewind to a sunny day in Castletownroche, Co Cork. There I was, just doing my thing, when i got a call from  None other than MJ himself. And get this – he wanted a taste of my magic. Talk about a pinch-me moment! Next thing I know, I’m wowing the King of Pop with my sleight of hand and mind-bending tricks.

    We hit it off like old pals. Turns out, magic was a big deal for Michael. So, we bonded over illusions and card tricks, making memories that would last a lifetime. Yup, you heard it here first: Liam Sheehan, Magician extraordinaire, bringing a touch of sparkle to MJ’s world, one trick at a time.

    Do you want your event to be remembered for something special?

    With Liam, whether your event is big or small, you’re in for a treat. Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a grand affair, Liam guarantees to bring the magic. With his signature blend of charm and professionalism, you can count on an unforgettable experience every time.

    Powerful Mind Reading

    Experience Liam’s powerful mind reading, leaving audiences spellbound and amazed at your next event. Cork’s top magician at your service.

    Interactive Close-ups

    Lose yourself in the interactive close-ups of Liam’s magic, bringing wonder and excitement to every table. Unforgettable entertainment for all.

    Professional Wedding Magician

    Make your special day truly magical with Liam’s professional wedding magic. From charming guests to creating unforgettable moments, he ensures perfection.

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    Magician and Mentalist


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